Giving is Good. For The Cause AND Your Health!

The joy of giving is a topic we read about in many contexts. From holy texts to world revered dignitaries and community leaders, there are countless quotes about how it feels good to give back and to be charitable. There is even evidence from biological research that shows there is a physiological high that human beings get from making a charitable gift.

What people may not also realize is that there is multiplier effect from this joy. There person or persons who have asked for a gift are just as involved in this joy. These may be professional nonprofit executives and fundraising professionals as well as volunteer leaders who are a part of the process. I asked Kristi Katz, CFRE, a dear friend and colleague, about her experiences inviting donors to invest in worthy causes and I absolutely love her response below.

“I must admit that I have cried with donors. The tears come when the magnitude of what is happening sinks in, that the gift being made will literally change lives. There is an overwhelming feeling that comes with being a part of something special, something that makes a difference. As development professionals, we get to see the best in people every day. Yes, we do look for the best but it is also true that donors show us their best. It is, after all, our job to see the signs, to connect the dots to open doors to the difference. Donors are difference makers and so are we. As fundraisers we get to walk on that journey of generosity with givers. And the wonderful feeling that comes with giving, it has a ripple effect. It is our honor and our role to help propel that ripple and in doing so, it washes over us as well.”

Whether you’re a professional fundraiser or not, we all know how good it feels to give a gift and to watch the joy that comes over the person giving and the person receiving. The most meaningful giving experiences are those that happen with the best intentions – not rushed, not manipulated, but thoughtful and genuine. Happy Giving and Receiving!

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