Megan Arnold, YMCA Senior Director of Development 

"After not running a structured capital campaign in over 15 years, the YMCA of Austin sought the guidance of FBC to ensure success of a $25M campaign to build an accessible outdoor multi-use site for overnight camps, retreats, and outdoor education. Beginning with an internal readiness assessment and feasibility study, Fayruz used insights from a market study to help define the case and recruit campaign leadership. Weekly strategy meetings led to new prospect identification and ultimately resulted in several transformative gifts. Over the three years of working with the FBC team, the YMCA is more poised than ever to finish the public phase of the phase one campaign with great success. Fayruz invests heart and soul into the clients she works with and is a passionate champion for aligning philanthropy and non-profit needs in the community."

Nadine Barth, UT LAMP Project 

“What a bright light you are, wow! You exude warmth and openness and have a wonderful story sharing skill. I know I speak for everyone present when I say you moved us deeply and brought right to our doorstep what it is like to have one’s home torn apart by violence. Like all gifted story tellers, you did an exquisite job moving us from the tremendously wrenching to the joyful. 

As was shared yesterday, if individuals get to know one another, it’s much more likely they will find common ground and even friendship. You certainly helped move that thinking forward Fayruz!

I can tell when the highly educated “Lamper” audience is really into what is being discussed. Yesterday they were all in! On behalf of my fellow “Lampers,” please accept our deep gratitude and appreciation for your invaluable role in today’s enriching and informative presentation.”



Kelley Breeden, Former President of the Junior League of Austin 

"Always the ultimate professional, Fayruz is not only a fundraising expert but also an expert about her clients. She immersed herself in our culture and quickly connected with our members offering us encouragement and comfort as we embarked on a great new challenge. Her experience coupled with her excellent delivery of client service make Fayruz an invaluable team member and we are privileged to work with her."



Marilyn Brown, Executive Producer at Ray Bloch Productions 

"I have produced for around 25 years now and worked with numerous hosts (including some famous ones), and you are ranked at the top of my list.  You are intelligent, professional and a joy to be around.  Thanks for an enlightening experience.  Hope we get to meet again!



Dori Flores, Former Capital Campaign Coordinator at TheJunior League of Austin 

“Fayruz is an incredible fundraiser, colleague, advocate and consultant.  She is incredibly patient, understanding and helpful.  She was always available to our campaign team, even in the wee hours of the night!  I have the utmost respect and admiration for her.  Even though I have been a professional fundraiser for over 15 years, I learned a great deal from her about campaigns, volunteer management and major gift fundraising during the time we spent working on The Junior League of Austin's capital campaign.  This is the first time the League has embarked on such an ambitious membership and community fundraising effort.  Our campaign is bound to be tremendously successful because Fayruz is at the helm doing what she does best....guiding, supporting and being genuinely concerned about our membership and the future of the League!”



Emily Greer, Former Executive Director at The Rise School of Austin 

"Fayruz delivers consistent high performance and exceeds normal standards in fundraising skills.  Her ethics allow her to work at a high achievement level whether it is executive coaching, campaign infrastructure, and campaign materials development.  This training has allowed me the opportunity to learn from the best."



Steven Knebel, Maxwell, Locke & Ritter LLP 

"Fayruz and Pam,


Today was classic AARO.  Started with a great report, a bunch of smart people honestly and thoughtfully added their wisdom.


You and your team have been great and your guidance and patience along the journey is much appreciated."

Paul Hoffman, YMCA Campaign Co-Chair

"Fayruz has provided the steady leadership and engaged mentoring that has helped our capital campaign reach its public phase. She is a widely respected fundraising professional and having her on our team has led us to many wonderful connections in our local philanthropic community. She offers wisdom, experience, and creativity- and always with a smile."



Amala Pucket, Capital Campaign Coordinator at Parkside Community Montessori School

“What Fayruz Benyousef knows about fundraising and philanthropy is astonishing, and she is so very generous in sharing her knowledge and gifts. In serving as our Capital Campaign counsel at Parkside Community Montessori School, Fayruz immediately ignited a sense of possibility within our community and quickly led us to our first six-figure gift. Over the past 10 months, she has consistently generated brilliant ideas that illumine challenging situations and help solve problems, and has guided our entire process with confidence, humility, and grace.

 If your organization hires Fayruz, here’s what you can expect: First, you’ll find Fayruz to be a delightful presence and discover that you truly enjoy working with her. Then you’ll see a fantastic return on your investment as your funds are raised. And in the end, you’ll know that Fayruz has given you the kind of deep understanding of philanthropy that will ensure a healthy future for your organization.”

Ronda Rutledge, Executive Director of Sustainable Food Center 

"Fayruz gave expert consultation when SFC was making one of the biggest decisions in our history. Her idea to bring together stakeholders both within and outside of our agency was brilliant, and her style of facilitation gave room for excellent guidance that laid the ground for a milestone capital campaign. It was a sheer pleasure to work with her!”


Judy Waxman, Shalom Austin Campaign Co-Chair 

"When it comes to building a strong development program or capital campaigns, Fayruz is the best. She listens and finds solutions. She helps you make the right decisions with donors, prospects and your board.  She can help you create your campaign or move it in the right direction. She has a way with volunteers ,even the most challenging,  to keep them focused and on track. 


I have worked with Fayruz as a development professional and later as capital campaign volunteer co-chair. Both campaigns have been successful. I was also lucky enough to work professionally with her. I saw the attention she gave all clients big or small and her dedication and integrity. When we gave presentations together, I always made sure I went first. She was just too good to follow!  I recommend her and her team with enthusiasm".

Beverly Scarborough Yahiel, Development officer at New Milestone Foundation 

"Fayruz is a magician!  She has an innate understanding both of the strategies involved in effective board development, and the resources and technology needed to take organizations to the next level—and she is able to communicate her expertise in an engaging and meaningful way.  Over the past year she has facilitated two retreats for New Milestones Foundation, and we believe that her guidance has resulted in increased fundraising, expanded outreach, and a significantly higher level of board involvement."

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