FBC isn't just going to give you some eloquent narrative about how to fundraise. They're going to roll up their sleeves and equip you to do the work.

Karl Nichols, Vice President of Investor Development, E3 Alliance

You're in the right place.

We invite you to lay your challenges at our feet. The dreams you have may feel outsized and hard to achieve, but challenging goals are the kinds of projects we seek. From multimillion dollar fundraising campaigns to building effective networks of leadership and support, FBC offers calm guidance and a supersized level of expertise. Our nonprofit clients come to us with very real and complicated challenges which we overcome together. No matter the size of your dreams, please reach out and ask how we can help.


Purpose & Vision • Compelling Messaging • Visual Storytelling • Culture of Philanthropy

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Fayruz facilitated strategic planning for our organization and helped us identify a super-awesome big audacious goal. I would say the trust that she has given our organization that we are on the right path has been immensely valuable.

LILA IGRAM, Executive Director, ConnectHER



FBC guided a strategic planning effort which was initiated by refining the vision and mission for the organization. The result of this collaboration is the foundational philosophy to build programs that are paving the way for women and girls to be seen, heard, and encouraged to reach their full potential.



AGE engaged FBC to help develop a campaign theme and case for support which curated talking points to transform the way we, as a society, think about aging in Central Texas. The empowered language we developed was incorporated into fundamental messaging woven throughout the AGE organization and continues to help redefine the conversation around aging.

The great thing about Fayruz and her team is that they become a true partner for your organization. I have called and texted favors over the weekend, at night, whenever I’m feeling a sense of panic, whenever I’m worried or concerned. I’ve never had Fayruz reject a call. That’s not something you see every day.

JAYDEN BEATTY, Chief Development Officer, AGE of Central Texas

Fayruz and her team excelled in navigating all facets our project with kindness, compassion, and clarity. We could not imagine going through such a complex process without their expertise, guidance, and knowledge. We are thankful to FBC for all of the amazing success– we would absolutely look to FBC for projects in the future.

KERRIE STANNELL, CEO, Williamson County Children’s Advocacy Center



FBC created a comprehensive campaign called “The Power of Us” which relied heavily on visual storytelling through illustrations paired with positive messages of hope. Stakeholders and community members’ response to this campaign exceeded expectations and now serves as an effective model for other nonprofit organizations.



A very generous family, steeped in giving and philanthropy, engaged with FBC to create a roadmap for a comprehensive major gifts campaign. In doing so, FBC guided the professional team and volunteer leadership on the principles of building a culture of philanthropy through meaningful communication with current stakeholders and prospective donors.

The FBC team’s culture of philanthropy is really aligned with the values of the Shield Ranch Foundation and the Shield Ayres family. Their commitment to generosity, the recognition that there is abundance and what a joy it is to give, share and be a part of something bigger than ourselves is integrated throughout their guidance.

ANDREA MELLARD, Executive Director, Shield Ranch Foundation


Capital Campaign Feasibility • Fundraising Roadmaps • Visual Storytelling •  Corporate Philanthropy Strategies

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FBC brought the idea forward that really became the foundation and underlying theme of our campaign, which was 'Dear Music, We Love You.' That was a really special discernment on their part, and I’m not sure other consultants would have picked up on that.

ANNE HUME WILSON, President & General Manager, KMFA



FBC was asked to conduct a fundraising feasibility assessment for KMFA 89.5, one of a handful of locally curated classical radio music stations in the US. The thoughtful planning process engaged current and prospective donor stakeholders and resulted in the launch of Dear Music, a comprehensive and successful major gifts campaign to bring about KMFA’s new home.



Dell Jewish Community Center, enlisted FBC to assist with the launch of a major gifts campaign, and develop a roadmap to successfully raise $25M Campaign. The FBC team worked diligently with the Board, a new Campaign Steering Committee and many stakeholders to create a bold vision with structure and systems to drive the campaign to completion, which was achieved through our collaborative partnership.

Many people were concerned that our capital campaign would take away from our unrestricted annual campaign. Because FBC counseled us on thorough donor engagement, we’ve experienced the opposite. Our donors are now highly energized and last year we raised $5.6 million in total philanthropy, the most raised in one year.

RABBI DANIEL A. SEPTIMUS, Executive Director, CEO, Shalom Austin

Working with FBC has been nothing short of a godsend. Their deep knowledge of the fundraising landscape, readiness process (invaluable!), and guidance through all stages of the campaign has allowed our committee to truly push through any obstacle we experience. More than that, they go "heart first," allowing us to partner as steadfast teammates vs. consultants along the way.




RMHC leadership made a bold decision to triple the size of their House to meet the growing number of pediatric patients coming into our region. As part of the planning process, FBC assessed the organization’s Development and Fundraising structure with a lens toward growth and expansion. FBC support and recommendations helped RMHC design a thoughtful plan for staffing and the necessary systems that go along with growth.



As a long-term partner to Kendra Scott, FBC helped design a thoughtful corporate giving model for the company’s corporate philanthropy program. FBC guided procedures for grant applications and served as a strategic advisor and counsel. Additionally, FBC facilitated national trainings for store managers and associates on the intersection of philanthropy and DEI principles. Most recently FBC has been integrally involved in launching Yellow for Pink, a national initiative for breast cancer.

Through our work with FBC, we have crafted an overall investment narrative—vision, mission, and impact areas—which guide us today. We are currently working with FBC on forming a council that is going to make a big impact in the breast cancer space. Having Fayruz at the forefront of this gives us confidence that we'll achieve something very special.

SHEENA WILDE, Vice President of Philanthropy and Belonging, Kendra Scott


Training & Coaching • Board Governance • Board Retreat Facilitation •  Speaking Opportunities

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Fayruz is not just going to give you some eloquent narrative and some powerful phrases about what you need to do fundraising. She’s actually going to roll her sleeves up and do the work. If we were identifying a donor, she was going to make the phone calls. She was going to actually help make introductions.

KARL NICHOLS, Vice President of Investor Development, E3 Alliance



FBC served as counsel to the CEO of E3 when a decision was made to hire a Chief Development Officer (CDO). As part of the search committee, FBC provided insight into the role of a CDO, served on the interview/selection team, and then provided long-term executive coaching and training for the new hire. FBC also coached E3 Board members about effective donor prospect engagement, thoughtful asks, and how to close and steward gifts.



Fayruz served as a mentor to Dr. Granillo who came from academia into the role of founding Executive Director for a new nonprofit. A strong Board Governance infrastructure during a time of expansion and growth was critical. Dr. Granillo successfully grew her Board with a diverse pool of community leaders and a thriving committee structure. She has since moved into a larger role as the CEO of a national organization.

FBC taught me what true board engagement looks like. If board members are spread too thin, they obviously won’t contribute as much, so look for members who will make your organization one of their top three priorities in terms of board commitment and engagement.

TERESA GRANILLO, Chief Executive Officer, AVANCE

Working with Fayruz on this board retreat was wonderful. She helped create excitement about the project and inspired everyone to think big. The process built confidence with each board member and each one identified ways they could make a significant contribution to the overall campaign. And, it was fun for everyone!

MAICA JORDAN, Chief Development Officer, Paramount and State Theatres



As part of a larger engagement with the ATA (home of the Paramount and State Theaters), FBC planned and facilitated a full-day Board Retreat. The FBC Team curated an experience which integrated the playfulness of theatrical experience with the seriousness of Capital Campaign development. Aspirational sessions on Dreaming Big and working sessions to develop Strategic Areas of Focus, yielded a cohesion of forward-thinking energy and enthusiasm.


Fayruz, a seasoned public speaker, is often asked to share her expertise on a wide variety of topics from fundraising and donor stewardship to inspirational messages for women entrepreneurs, cancer survivors and more. Because of her passion for encouraging and inspiring others, Fayruz is intentional about making time for speaking engagements. Please submit an inquiry if you are interested in hearing a multi-faceted perspective on generosity and life.

I have produced for around 25 years now and worked with numerous hosts (including some famous ones), and Fayruz is ranked at the top of my list. She is intelligent, professional and a joy to be around.

MARILYN BROWN, Executive Producer, Ray Bloch Productions