Campaign Toolbox

Directions: Click the download button to open a preview page of each resource. On that preview page, click the blue “USE TEMPLATE” button in the top-right corner to open the resource in Google Docs and start customizing it to your needs! It can be exported as a Word document, a PDF, or printed.

Templates contain our logo as a placeholder. When using them, please feel free to remove the FBC logo and insert your organization’s logo in its place. Highlighted content will also need to be personalized for your unique project.

Campaign Tools Templates

CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES: An outline that creates a broad view of the overall fundraising goals for the campaign effort.

PROJECTED CAMPAIGN INCOME AND EXPENSE: A document that shows at a glance a summary of the projected expense and income (to date and projected). It can be itemized in a manner to fit the scope of any size project.

DISCOVERY VISIT SAMPLE RUN OF SHOW: Discovery visits are a key way to invite stakeholders and prospective donors to share insight regarding your preliminary campaign plans. This primer provides guidance on how to conduct these meetings in a meaningful manner to both share and actively listen to the donor or donor prospects feedback and interests for engaging further.

DONOR LETTER OF INTENT: The Letter of Intent (LOI) is the administrative tracking tool for officially logging pledge commitments as a “Letter of Intent” to fulfill a gift. This tool may or may not be binding (please refer to your state or country regulations to know). This form is how donors share the amount, timeline and recognition or anonymity they may desire for their commitment.

STOCK TRANSFER FORM: This simple form provides a clear method for the donor to provide information to their broker in transferring securities as a donation.

PLEDGE FULFILLMENT SCHEDULE: This schedule showcases how a pledge paid out over multiple years breaks down. It raises sights and is highly effective to consider a gift greater than a one time gift.

WAYS TO GIVE: In addition to making an outright gift via check or credit card, there are many other ways that donors can give. This document can be modified to meet each organization’s capacity for the kinds of gifts they are able to receive: stock, real property, life insurance, charitable gift annuities and many other possible forms.

Campaign Committee Templates

ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITES – Campaign Committee: An overview of the roles and responsibilities for volunteer leaders who participate on a campaign committee. This document lays out the expectations for volunteers and what they can expect from the professional team / organization.

CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE AGENDA: A template to provide structure and clear outcomes for each meeting.

CONFIDENTIALITY PLEDGE: During the course of fundraising, there may be points of information regarding donor capacity and interest that are confidential. This document helps to ensure that all parties recognize the importance of respecting confidential information in the process.

SAMPLE WELCOME EMAIL – Campaign Committee Kick-Off: This draft email is adaptable for your needs and serves as an example of a communique to your campaign committee when you are holding your kick-off meeting for the campaign.

SAMPLE EMAIL #1 – Post Monthly Committee Meeting: Once the kick-off meeting has concluded, the follow up structure and nature of showing appreciation and gratitude as well as important action items.

SAMPLE EMAIL #2 – Post Monthly Committee Meeting: This email template provides a nice overview of what occurred at the Campaign Steering Committee meeting so those who couldn’t attend have a better insight to keep with up with notable activities and happenings and other action items.

SAMPLE EMAIL – Campaign Committee Follow Up Re: Donor Outreach: This particular follow up correspondence includes wording that the Campaign Steering Committee members can use for their own personal outreach. The email template provides a great foundation to personalize asking for time to share about the campaign or project at hand.

SAMPLE EMAIL – Meeting Reminder to Committee One Week Ahead: A scheduling reminder that is sent one week in advance of the upcoming Campaign Steering Committee Meeting.

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