General Resources

Directions: Click the download button to open a preview page of each resource. On that preview page, click the blue “USE TEMPLATE” button in the top-right corner to open the resource in Google Docs and start customizing it to your needs! It can be exported as a Word document, a PDF, or printed.

Templates contain our logo as a placeholder. When using them, please feel free to remove the FBC logo and insert your organization’s logo in its place. Highlighted content will also need to be personalized for your unique project.

NEW CLIENT CHECKLIST: A list of documents and resources we need to receive from you.

OVERVIEW OF ENGAGEMENT DELIVERABLES: A template to manage timelines and expectations for deliverables.

ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES – BOARD & PROFESSIONAL TEAM: An outline of the projected commitments (both tasks and time) for board members, professional team members, and the FBC team.

SAMPLE TEAM MEETING AGENDA: An outline for a standard meeting agenda.

SAMPLE MEETING NOTES TEMPLATE: A template to help create structure and take minutes during meetings.

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